Sunday, 3 June 2018

Smoke In Modern Spearhead

Despite the amusement on Thursday when Mark lay down smoke to screen our advancing attack only to be told that it was useless v troops with infra red I have just read the rules and the assumed ruling was not correct!

Page 24 of the rules to left stats that smoke blocks spotting and direct fire for all units except those equipped with thermal imaging (TI) not IR. It also states that any ATGW can never fire through smoke even if it is equipped with TI.

Well done Mark, you were correct. Don't listen to these people who claim to know all the rules.

The Soviets will be coming armed with lots of smoke on Thursday......


  1. It was because he failed to use the correct marxist-leninist approach to a socialist question of the existential nature of smoke.

  2. IF in doubt fall back on the party line