Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Latest terrain pieces

 I got some more desert enhancement terrain pieces finished over the weekend.  I wanted to achieve an arid finish to use as village/close terrain around the Mediterranean.

Field sectors - I can add crops to give more variety.

By adding buildings I can use them as village sectors in a number or periods and situations, including the suburbs for the city boards.  I think these are more flexible than the town/village sector bases made by Totalbattles Miniatures.

The walls are from Steve's baggage train.

 I also wanted to see if these pieces could be use with a more temperate background base and use in Southern Europe for even more variety.

Could these be used in Spain, Italy or even on the Ukrainian steppe?
Russ and I looked at a colour scheme for temperate battlefield boards and this influenced the making of these pieces - hopefully this is the first tentative step to creating new battle boards for Europe/Jungle!