Tuesday, 19 June 2018

18th Century Naval

I've completed an initial batch of 18th century ships and markers with which to try the Osprey naval rules.  The ships were reasonably quick but fiddly to paint but the detail on these tumbling dice 1/2400 scale models is excellent.  I've rigged a couple of models but will wait to see how they survive their first outing!

These should be good for an occasional Thursday night game, or more importantly, future combined operational games.  When there's a free Thursday I will bring them along.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Joy of 6 game

Austerlitz  2nd December 1805
This is the first set up for the joy of 6 game, it needs a critique before JOS.
I will be redoing the small track be the stream (the quality is not good enough)
I could do with some of Phil's pine trees to dot about especially by the French road entry.

 Russian right wing

French right Wing showing the walled Phesantry (only in for display purposes)

The frozen lakes

The Kolbernitz lake in the centre of the French line will only be in for show

Monday, 4 June 2018

Thursday night Modern Spearhead

An encounter battle between Russian and french forces
Objectives were set and were each worth 1 point
Broken battalions 1 point

French secure objectives and take up forward defensive positions 

Mon diu! another objective
Break out the Galuoirs

Russian BTR battalions secure road junction and await orders

Artillery proved effective for the french and ineffective for the Russians

3rd Russian BTR battalion and tank reserve

Russian Orders come in and a general advance ensuse

3rd battalion clears the woods and brakes the French left

French reserves released!
Its almost like they had been waiting for the Russians to commit to the attack

Russians screen their attack with smoke
or so they thought 
I will refer you to the latest diplomatic incident "Smokegate"

End of play 
Russian win 

Next Thursday Russian V Joint Anglo/French force

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Smoke In Modern Spearhead

Despite the amusement on Thursday when Mark lay down smoke to screen our advancing attack only to be told that it was useless v troops with infra red I have just read the rules and the assumed ruling was not correct!

Page 24 of the rules to left stats that smoke blocks spotting and direct fire for all units except those equipped with thermal imaging (TI) not IR. It also states that any ATGW can never fire through smoke even if it is equipped with TI.

Well done Mark, you were correct. Don't listen to these people who claim to know all the rules.

The Soviets will be coming armed with lots of smoke on Thursday......

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Flodden Battlefield

Whilst we were away in the first week of May we visited Flodden which to my surprise was only 20 minutes away from our cottage in Northumbria.

Here's some photos of the battlefield.

The English main battle line would have been stood here looking up the ridge line

Branxton Church and Village

Flodden hill is to the left above the tree line

I took this standing the "ditch" which the Scots Pike walked into. This was a slaughter ground.
You can see that the slope of the hill is actually quite steep. Makes you wonder why the Scot's came down to fight and die.....

On The Bench - Modern Soviets - Rocket Battalion

To help my BTR Regiment out on Thursday I thought I would paint up the integral Divisional Soviet Rocket Battalion this afternoon.

Here's some photos starting with the models primed.......

9K52 Luna-M (FROG-7) SSM Mobile Missile - Chemical & Nuclear Capability

9K51 Grad BM-21 Mobile Rocket Battery

Models based, de greased with 99.9% alcohol and primed Vallejo white with Evolution airbrush.

After leaving to dry for around 20 mins the models are painted using a thinned down Vallejo Russian Green for the rockets and a Coat D' Arms Russian Green for the Frog 7 (I wanted a different contrast on this model)

Citadel Null Oil wash is applied to the base coat to create shadows...

Once the ink dried I highlighted using Vallejo Russian Uniform mixed with a ochre yellow to create a subtle contrast effect. Wheels and windows all painted in black then Vallejo Earth brown applied to the bases and allowed to dry. I have airbrushed a thin coat of gloss varnish to protect the finish. I'll do another matt top coat tomorrow and finish off by pva and sand to base the models up.

These rockets are 122mm and have 40 tubes in each model. 200" range on table with AT = 4 and AI of 7 Check out the you tube link... 


This is a tasty missile. It has a 700" range and it's AT=4 indirect with an AI of 8 with a conventional warhead. Can't wait to try this out against Mark on Thursday.

Check out the You Tube Link..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL5C19s_uzE

A productive afternoon's painting adding some more flavour to my Russian Division

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Cityscape Terrain Board part II

I was a bit jealous on Saturday hearing everyone else on WhatsApp getting on with projects but I managed to find some time on Sunday and Monday in my all new workshop!  Also, I ordered some ruined buildings from Gamecraft (looking forward to seeing Mark's Stalingrad factory) and thought I should get ahead with the base boards for the cityscape.

I was aiming for an effect that looked like a fought over urban area with dust and debris subtly turfing up the desert ground but blending into my other boards.  Generally, desert scenics require a consistency regardless of the ground type but I wanted something a little more dynamic for our urban fights.  I thought I would make one 1'x2' section with separate town sectors to see if I could achieve the "look" and create something to game on and try out a few rules ideas.

The base boarding using a 1'x2' section alongside two other boards.  This would be an urban strip within one half of a standard operational board. 

The same board giving a variant on the above set up.  Of course, I could use three boards and make the entire table urban.  But one section could be open cultivated simulating debris with some visibility limitations (like a marshalling yard) whilst another section could be more difficult ground like woodland simulating a variety of light destroyed buildings..  The third section only may  contain buildings.  This would give maximum flexibility.

Added town sectors blend in with the background and allow infinite variations.  I just need to add buildings to complete the overall look.

I'm quite happy with the finished result, and for me, it didn't take very long.  I will knock up another one or two boards but I think I will need more town sectors - Mark do you have any more wardrobe panels?

Just waiting for the delivery of my ruined Mid-East buildings and I will post more pictures.