Monday, 29 December 2014

Pelelui - game intro.

US strategy in WW2 showing the two drives on Japan.

Navy pilot indicates 5 Judy bombers that he has just shot down during the infamous Mariana's Turkey shoot.  Admiral Halsey's carrier raid into the Philippine Sea during June 1944 exposed Japanese weakness.
Admiral King navy CinC. Suspicious of British and advocate of Pacific first policy.
General Macarthur - Showman, politician and advocate for the army in the Pacific.  When escaping the Philippines in 1942 he said "I shall return".  His political future requires the liberation of the Philippines!
Admiral Nimitz - wants to get the war finished asap!  His boss is King but he knows that a Pacific victory requires diplomacy between the navy and army.

Postwar Photo of American base.  Halsey recommended bypassing the island but Nimitz believed it would cover the flanks of both Pacific drives and thought it would be a good compromise between both strategies.

Sept 12th - 14th the US Navy bombards Pelelui.  Rear Admiral Oldendorf declares he has run out of targets and pulls his capital ships away one day early.  He is concerned that they are sitting ducks for any Japanese counter attack.

The first wave approaches Pelelui.  General Rupertus, commander of the marine assault, tells reporters the island will be secured in 3 or 4 days.  Since Tarawa he is confident that improved equipment and techniques have made amphibious assault easier.

General Nakagawa.  He has been charged with the defence of Pelelui.

We will be playing White 1,2 and Orange 1 in a representative game of the first two days.  By the end of our day of gaming the US players will need to secure the beaches and airfield and ensure all Japanese resistance is eliminated.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Battle Of Grandson - 2nd March 1476 Principles Of War

Our first holiday game of the Season, Grandson a Principles Of War Renaissance battle.

Ian was good enough to umpire whilst Mark and I got down to rolling dice, moving figures and exchanging banter.......

Mark took the forces of Charles the Bold whilst I fielded my Swiss for the second time.

We managed to play around 23 turns throughout the day and there were many 20's rolled on both sides. I think I ended up with more luck than Mark as his morale tests were disappointing.

It was closer than I would of liked in the end and I underestimated some of Marks infantry units which caused me a lot of headaches.

 This is how to paint 6mm figures
Excellent figures

I think after this battle it is fair to say that the Swiss are not perhaps quite as formidable as they first appeared. Looking forward to the next one!

Thanks to Ian and Mark for a top day