Monday, 6 January 2014


Rule alterations/clarifications

Units at 50% or below cannot use their initiative to charge.
Up to 3 units can be joined together to form a brigade.
These all receive the one same order, units can join or breakaway
from the brigade but require a separate order.
Characters must lead from the front and may not leave when in combat
Lights will require an order with a -1 to charge into close combat unless target is also light
Melee units that move into 20cm of the enemy are pinned and
may only move towards the enemy
 (by the shortest route to engage in combat) or directly away from said enemy.
Units can shoot over friendly units as long as it is on a higher elevation
friendly unit must be nearer to shooter than enemy.
The Roman Ongar can fire over head at the same level.
Arc of fire for field artillery is a base width either
 side for scorpions and base width only for the Ongar.
Light horse when evading in their own
 turn can fire as they evade with a -1 to hit.
Pike units must move at half rate if turning/echelon.
If a commander is attached to a unit in combat or under
 missile fire there is a chance that he will become a casualty.
Any unit(s) losing a round of combat and pushed back with a commander attached
 must roll 2d6 and achieve a result greater than the distance pushed back.
 If not then roll 1d6 1,2 good shield, 3,4 wounded -1 command, 5,6 dead Jim.


  1. Thanks Mark, I will print this off and bring it along on Thursday night.

  2. I am surprised you allow lights to charge home against non skirmish targets!

  3. I allowed it to simulate horse archers/javelins shooting in the hope to confuse an enemy and charge home.
    In these rules I allow missile troops to shoot in the movement phase on an order. This allows for the possibility of confusing a unit due to drive back which a melee unit can take advantage of in a subsequent order
    Lights that are given an order to shoot and charge home, must charge even if their shooting did nothing and if they loose they rout.

  4. Makes sense and look forward to putting this into practice on Thursday!