Sunday, 19 January 2014

Celts V Macedonians

Celts V Macedonians

Celts tried a right/left swing searching for a way past the pikes but Stirling work by the Macedonian cavalry cut down any attempt on the Celt left flank.
With all their lights and most of their cavalry gone, the Celt commanders called it a day and went home for coco and an early night.
Result- Macedonian win
Rules update
I re read the rules for brigade charges and one order is all you need to send the attacking regiments in, or not, the choice is yours.
Second paragraph.
Thursday Celts V early Persians
and yes the camels are coming

 see you Thursday

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  1. Hi Mark. Please can you write up the above order in your official rules so that we stick with it. Looking forward to your lastest Batrep; poor Gauls, they wouldn't mind losing if those camels were still yellow!