Monday, 27 January 2014

Celts V Persians

Celts started lively (they had a plan) and moved towards the Persian infantry getting into javelin range on the first turn.
Persians struggled to form a firing line with so many missile units.
Celts could not string 2 orders together and missed the opportunity to attack, war band initiatives sending in odd units which hit lights and ground to a halt in front of the main Persian line.
Persian cavalry won it by charging on mass into a brigade of war bands and destroying it
Celt cavalry (4units)didn't make their presence felt
Persian victory

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  1. Can't argue with that write up. I thought a mass attack against the Persian infantry would see the Celts at their best - but they died again! They don't like Romans, they don't like Pike and they don't like cavalry. Good luck to Russ and Phil next week, you need a draw to even the overall score. Ian