Friday, 7 February 2014

Back on the DBA

Sorry for the cock-up guys - but it all worked out wonderfully.

Russ and mark had expected me to bring the Japanese for a samurai POW battle, wheras I brought my Normans to fight Russ' Saxons.  Which he hadn't brought.

However, we had enough to play small scale DBA (to get used to the rules again) and then large scale.

I have to say, it was a load of fun, all had a great time, we got 2 battles in (both won by Shakespeare) and are going to have another bash next week where Russ is aiming to get his Saxons ready.

What did we learn?  Don't attack archers with knights, don't fight spear with archers and Mark is a chicken (he has a fear of the spear) 

But he won, so what do we know!  

Mark lines up vs a hard-thinking Russ (or he's asleep)

Big DBA - lotsa fun

The Chess Master thinks out his next move

Normans rush towards Eastern Franks

Mark curses the wood for the 100th time

Fear of the Spear - Mark backs his cavalry away - again

Killing Russ' archers on the hill

Dice let Russ down - he should have cleared the middle here.  In DBA, never roll 1's

Kevin explains what Mark should have done

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  1. Yes I enjoyed the games and the banter. These are a great set of rules which I think we will use more often. It is also good to familiarise oneself with the mechanics so that we are better geared to grasp DBR