Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Broadsword Calling Danny Boy

With Thursday fast approaching and knowing that Ian has already confirmed that he is busy for the next couple of weeks I managed to contact Mark in the dark forests of Transylvania who confirmed he is working away this week.

Next up Phil..... I tried to get in touch this morning but ended up leaving a voice mail. I tried again after work but no answer so have sent a text.

Jon has reportedly been abducted by Peruvian Trombonists.

With Mark and Ian not down and Jon in Peru plus the fact that I am having trouble contacting Phil on his Mobile I just thought I would let all parties know that I won't be making the trek to the club this week.

Phil - My text was just to say this but if you fancied having a game of DBA at the shop Thursday please let me know asap.

Broadsword over and out......


  1. Russ. I am up this Thursday. But if you are looking for the Nazi traitor amongst our group I have my suspicions.....

  2. Thanks Ian,

    I will need to contact Phil to let him know. If you are likely to speak to him at any point tomorrow please can you let him know just in case!

    Jon e mailed last night so I think he may be free tomorrow which would make 4 of us for another bash of big battle DBA Anglo Saxons - Normans.

    I will e mail Jon now to let him know.

    Any changes - I will post!



  3. Definetly available tomorrow.