Monday, 3 February 2014

Celts V Carthaginians


The Carthaginians had a plan which was to use the African spear (heavy) to batter thru the war bands.
The centre was held by allied war band and scurtati with the right held by light troops.
The Celts had a strong right wing and reserve in the centre with a large war band holding their left.
the clash started on the Carthaginian left as the heavy infantry ground their way thru the war bands  with help from an elephant .
The right skirmished with the Celt chariots for most of the game, as the centre moved to a wooded hill and faced off the Celt reserve.
Star player for the Celts was a Carthaginian elephant who rampaged behind the African spear and even destroyed a cavalry unit by charging them in the rear whilst they were in combat.
With no reserve behind the African spear the Carthaginians ran out of men and were crushed by the Celt centre reserve which moved across.
Hannibal performed poorly as he stayed attached to his allied Celts in the woods to hold them, that left his sub commander to do all the work.
Result - Draw

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  1. A draw? Looks like a definite Carthaginian win from the pictures and write up! Ian