Monday, 10 February 2014

DBA Version 3.0

In between finishing off my Anglo Saxon army this weekend I was also doing some research into version 3.0 of the DBA rules. The version we have been playing is 2.2 and with V3 due for imminent release I thought I would see what changes have been made to the rules.

Well not than many thankfully but what has been changed (and I think for the better) are the movement distances. Gone are paces replaced by units of base widths. Troops move a bit further than they did in V2.2 which is no bad thing.

There are some new troop types which are defined as either fast or solid, movement and combat outcomes have been catered for for these troop types.

There is a lot of stuff added in the pre game set-up which seems to be better and the terrain placement system has been elaborated further, all good stuff.....

Possibly the best thing about the new version is the changes to combat. Closing the door has been scrapped, something I never really liked as it is just been invented to allow troops who overlap an element to gain an advantage which if they cause a recoil will destroy the enemy element. My logical view is that if you are good enough a player to contact an element in the flank then I see it fit that you have earned the opportunity to possibly destroy the enemy element if you manage to win and make it recoil.

The movement into contact with enemy has been clarified, elements get to shift sideways 1/2 base width within their movement allowance to line up against enemy elements. We have kind of been playing this anyway last week!

Rear support factors have been reduced and much improved to represent historical formations.

More troop types now pursue after winning a melee which I think makes for a much more realistic game.

There are other minor tweaks here and there which all seem to make sense.

I have the latest draft printed off and will bring it along on Thursday with a view to giving it a whirl.

No one is yet that familiar with version 2.2 to say it will confuse or slow down a game of V3 but we will only play V3 if all members of the council are in agreement!


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