Saturday, 15 February 2014

Rule set for Flodden

After much researching and with some helpful advice from Martin from the waving flag blog I can now confirm that I will be using the DBR rules for flodden. I hope to be able to start running some games with Phil with his Samurai soon so we can get more familiar with these rules.

So far I am impressed by what I have read in the rule book. The army lists for the Scots and English feels "right" and there is just enough detail mixed with abstract to make these rules my choice for the battle.

As far as the painting goes I have made some progress with 21 elements of Scots infantry painted and based together with 8 elements of border horse plus 5 elements of artillery / field guns.

To finish the Scots I have to paint up another 9 elements of highlanders plus 19 elements of pike, that's 448 figures to be precise.

I hope to have the army painted before the end of April at which point I will move on to the English side.

Here are both armies

Scots common army 1513 - 1602AD

C in C - Pike
Sub General - Pike
Highland Allied General - Warband
Borderer Allied General - Light Horse

Border Horse - 8 elements
Lowland Pikemen - 32 elements
French nobles - 1 element (pike)
French foot - 6 elements (pike)
Highlanders - 15 elements
Heavy Cannons  x 2
Field Guns x 3

440 points total

Early Tudor English 1494 - 1558 AD

C in C And Kings Spears - Blades
Sub Generals x 2 Blades

English men at arms (dismounted) x 6 elements
English Longbowmen x 24 elements
English Billmen x 24 elements
Heavy guns x 1
Falconettes x 4

522 points

I may review the lists at a later date but I wanted to tip the scales in favour of the English and make the Scots the underdog. What happens on the table may be an entirely different sequence of events........


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  1. This looks really interesting. I look forward to trying an historical game using, in effect, a competition set of rules. Should be a good game. Ian