Saturday, 8 February 2014

Shaken markers DIY

Various types - including Viking, Japanese, Indian, Anglo-Saxon, Tudor and German

What you need

Some 40mm x 10mm MDF bases (e.g. from

A colour printer

Microsoft Excel

PVA glue

A pair of scissors

What you do

Go into Google and type in your your period followed by 'fonts' (e.g. Viking Fonts).  Download the font(s) you like (usually free) then ensure they are available in your Fonts folder.

Once done, open up MS Excel and type the word you want into a cell (e.g. Shaken).  Then select the font you downloaded (e.g. Viking).

Now size the cell to be just smaller than 40mm x 10mm (trial and error to be fair - it took me 2 tries before I got it).  Then change the cell colour / font colour / size etc. to suit.

Then copy and paste across a page worth (1xA4 is more than enough) and - when ready, print them out.

Then just cut out and paste onto your MDF bases.  You can have alternate options (e.g. Disrupted / Fragmented) on either side of the base so can just flip it over if the morale state changes.

Base and uncut markers

Need to change them at any time?  Leave them in water for about 3 minutes then peel off!

Simple yet effective.


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