Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Saterday 05/04/14

Principals of war
French (boo) against British (Huzza)
A wise man once told me that the secret to POW as well as all war game rules is to guard your flanks
what follows is a total disregard of those wise words

Pictures are in no specific order

The Plan
The battle field was cut in half by steep hill with a large wood joined to one side and a town opposite .
the British decided to garrison the town and attack on the right, cavalry was to the left of town as flank guard and behind the town (as guarding nobody)
the attack on the right went in and the French flanked  with cavalry and started to roll up the line
The nobody guard rushed over and pushed back the French cavalry but the damage was done
and the British line crumbled.
The French attack was from their right which found the British garrison to tough a nut to crack
Honours to the French and a coffee and biscuit meeting at Horse guards for the British CO

Frustrating but enjoyable
thanks Ian


  1. O dear..... sounds like a whooping but in no specific order!

  2. Mark did make the mistake of leaving his main infantry attack unsupported on its right flank which gave the rather poor French cavalry their opportunity. He then rolled a series of ones which forced on the attack but gave him no opportunity to reverse his infantry and guard against the French. The French had two or three turns of fun (It could have been more devastating but my bloody dice rolled ones aswell!) before the British cavalry turned up and smashed the French. Technically the battle was a draw based on objectives taken, but the French gained a very marginal victory based on their ability to turn up for a second day of battle.