Friday, 18 April 2014

The trees. The beautiful trees.

I have not been idle while on holiday.  One project I have set myself is to improve our quality of scenery by increasing the number of trees at our disposal.  Thanks to Ebay and the Chinese I have secured a large number of trees (mainly fir), based and flocked them and they are now ready to use.

Only 3 varieties - single deciduous, triple pine, double pine

These will help provide the foliage for most theatres (Russia, Western Europe, Medieval Japan etc.) as well as the American ACW and AWI battlefields.

About 50% of the goodies

Forest in a box
 There are another 300 trees to come (roughly 150 bases) meaning that we should have around 450 bases of trees for use - more than enough I would have thought.

I still need to create some flat forest bases to sit these on but it should mean that in the future our forests will look like forests rather than a sparse copse!


  1. These are nice Phil, looks like you got a deal here. Basing these alone would take you forever.

  2. They look really nice. I might get some myself.