Sunday, 4 May 2014

Experimental Game Mat

I managed to find a few hours this afternoon to finally have a go with the weed membrane which has been lying in the shed for Months. I had some ideas on what I wanted to do with this stuff but never thought about exactly what I was going to do until today.

After fumigating the house with airbrush paint I finally emerged with the following creation of horror.

48 " x 36" sheet - complete with basic terrain features
The sheet is for my WW2 Spearhead game that I am putting on in the next few weeks.

It's not  bad for a first effort and it only consumed around 3 full pots of Vallejo air paint
Pity about the spillage South of the town area... I think I can cover this up...

 Whilst the resin roads look "okay" I have done some experimenting with masking tape and spraying on roads and streams which looks better and blends in with the matt.
 As it was hardly a mammoth task to turn this out you could easily make customised mats for specific battles

Yes I probably overdid the colours and it kind of looks more like a piece of camoflage but it's a starting point to work on.

I'll bring it down on Thursday for you to look at. I am sure this can be tweaked and improved further


  1. Very interesting. I had a discussion with Russ and Mark on Saturday about making the terrain more interesting. Russ' photos of Dettingen are excellent and allow you to see the detail of the troops and buildings but does a 8' x 5' table look interesting enough without more roads and incidental terrain. However, you do not want more stuff in the way of moving troops around and your approach could either create a customised battle mat for specific battles (Joy of Six) or flat terrain pieces that could decorate but not get in the way.

  2. The terrain looks great. I would suggest not making the roads integral but make from the same material to maintain the flexibility.