Monday, 19 May 2014


Thursday 15th club spearhead night
Grimbosq Bridgehead
The British have crossed the Orne and repaired a Bridge at Les Bas.
They have set up a perimeter in the surrounding villages and await a German counter attack as the allies rush reinforcements to this bridgehead
British orbat
59th infantry division (Staffordshire)
176th Infantry brigade complete (44/45 infantry division) regular
107th royal armoured regiment (43/45 armoured division) regular use Sherman’s, 1squadron is “firefly”
Divisional assets
1x 17Pdr battery
1x MG Company
1x Field artillery regiment +3No foo off table 8 fire missions
Your orders
Hold the bridge and surrounding villages
German orbat
12 SS PHz division “Hitlerjugend”
12th Panzer battalion (use panthers, 44 panzer division) regular
26th panzer grenadier regiment complete (44 panzer division) 1xveteran 1xregular
271 Infantry division
979 infantry battalion (44inf division) regular
Divisional assets
1x mixed self- propelled battalion (44 panzer division) off table 5 fire missions
1x Tiger Coy (2) veteran
Your orders
Destroy the bridgehead at les Bas.
The Battlefield

Germans push directly for the Bridge, led by 2 Tigers

The Flank attack

Which takes La Bortigerre although the hidden battery of British 17 pounders caused some quick redeployment of the German armoured thrust

British redeploy in the face of German combat engineers

The other flank attack

The Germans push on despite the loss of the Tigers

Thiemesnil fall to the Germans and the British flank battalion breaks as it tries to take back the village

The other flank and centre, stalemate?

Victory Conditions
Draw- equal point’s +-2 points
Minor victory 3+point’s better
Major Victory 15+ points better
Total Victory 30+ points better +bridge

1 point per infantry/support platoon destroyed/ routed
2 points per vehicle platoon destroyed/ routed
5 points per village
British 39
German 51
Minor German victory



  1. I'll settle for a minor victory. That was a tough scenario and I thought it would be a push over with a battalion of panthers and 2x tigers! The 17 pdrs in the wood was a revelation; its amazing how we keep finding new elements to these rules. I would play that again, and to be fair, I think that is a tough scenario for the British and they nearly won!

  2. I blame Russ! It was a good scenario and had we kept our heads, should have won it. D'oh!