Sunday, 29 June 2014

Ancients ?

Anyone up for BBDBA this week?

I am hoping we can play these rules again with a view to progressing into more detail once we have mastered the rules like we did with Spearhead.

Phil - can you please use this army list below for your Romans?

Let me know how many AP you get to so I can build my Carthaginian's around this figure.

If everyone enjoys the game we will go again next week, Mark can you let me know what 6mm armies you have ready and I'll e mail you the army lists for each?


  1. I'll work on that on Tuesday. Need to look what I've got and build accordingly

  2. I have a 300 point middle imperial roman army ready to go
    let me know if you need it
    see you on thursday

  3. Thanks Mark,

    I don't think we have any available "enemy" armies to fight your Romans yet. Something to look at though.

    Will chat about this Thursday