Monday, 2 June 2014

Current Project


My guys have flags but are just as keen!

Mark asked everyone on Thursday what project they are currently painting, so I thought I would let everyone know I was expanding my Japanese army.  We have had some excellent games of Spearhead over the last few weeks and I thought we should have another look at some Far East scenarios; we haven't had any Banzai Bollocks for a while!

So in the mix is 

Khalkin Gol 1939; Japan tries to teach the Soviets a lesson in Manchuria.
Khota Baru 1941; Japanese amphibious landing in Malaya (this actually precedes Pearl Harbour)
Phillipines 1941; Japanese try to push past American opposition on their way to Manila (Mark, do you have any 57mm Gun armed half tracks?)
Sittang Bridge 1942; Japanese attempt to take bridge on road to Rangoon in Burma.
Phillipines 1945; Americans attempt to use armour to puch their way through to Clarkson Airfield.

All the above should be a bit different from our European Spearhead games and the Japs will be fighting British, Russians and Americans.

After the above I would like to put on a rather more adventurous battle; the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong.

In the meanwhile, I need a few extras for my Japs, so if anyone is placing an order with H&R can I add some items?

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