Monday, 30 June 2014

Current Projects

As Ian did, here are my current projects.

1. WW1 Austrians.  Given the lack of decent 6mm Austrian early war variants (the grey uniform and soft cap) and indeed the plethora of uniforms for the Austrian forces (given the disparate areas of the empire they came from), I'm starting with the adoption of 'Germanic' uniform in 1916 onwards.  To account for different troops I'm using a uniform variation for each major division (1 x darker green, 1 x lighter green and 1 x nettle green for the Honved). This will certainly allow for easier identification of nothing else.

The main differentiation for the Austrians was the adoption of a brown (as opposed to grey) metal 'coal scuttle' helmet which will be used for my troops.

If H&R bring out a decent Austrian range or there is a suitable alternative for the early war grey uniform (ACW Union? Afrika Korps?) then this will constitute my Austro-Hungarian army core for the time being.

2. Late War British

To fight the filthy Hun, your average Tommy (1916 onwards) with suitable support (60lb guns!  Tanks!).  Most of the troops are already painted and just require basing up.

3. Byzantium at war

The main project of the year will be the development of Byzantine period armies.  Covering 325AD to 1453AD this is a period that pretty much saw continual conflict by the Byzantine empire against all-comers (Arabs, Seljuk Turks, Bulgars, Rus, Goths, Romans, Normans....) including a number of Crusades as well.

I'm going to focus on early to mid-Byzantines (from the break-up of the Roman empire to the early Crusades).  The army compositions didn't change all that much over this period so the same general army (with a few changes here and there) can be used as the base to fight a number of enemies - such as the Seljuk Turks who also fought during the Crusades.  This means developing armies that can be used in different conflicts and against each other as well (Arabs vs Byzantines vs Turks vs Crusaders..)

4. WW2 Armies
I've got a bit to do on finsihing the Russian WW2 army (just adding a few units here and there such as JS11 tanks, a few more specialist infantry and bolstering the early-war troops so we can do the Finnish war, Barbarossa and also fight the Japanese.

In addition, I'm keen to finish my WW2 Americans off.  I have a lot of unbased tanks and infantry that - once complete - means I can use them for WW2 Spearhead (North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, Germany).


  1. As I have an early war soviet army and Mark has an American army would you consider doing a winter war version of both? Its the only arena of WW2 we haven't played.

  2. Could be easily done - I also have a lot of WW2 Germans so can go for the full monty!

  3. Phil, have you decided on a manufacturer yet for your Byzantine project?

    There is a lot of scope here as it's effectively a new period, also are you basing for DBX systems?