Sunday, 29 June 2014

Heroics and Ros

I emailed Andy at H&R asking whether he would be bringing his full range as we would like to look at suitable figures for alternative uses etc. and got the following reply


  1. My WW1 Austrians are coming along nicely. Mostly painted up - just need basing. Has the H&R delivery arrived at Chez Russ yet?

  2. No - need a reply to the e mail I sent you Phil, Andy has raised a few questions about your artillery.

    Looks like we will be picking the bits up on the 19th July at JOS, I have more persians to order too but have not worked out the packs


  3. No problem - let me look at the reply and get back to you.

  4. Seen your comments - go for the 18pdr as it can double for both. The 55p per unit for the 7.7cm gun is OK as well.

  5. Очень хорошо (O-chyen kha-ra-SHO)
    Translate- Very good