Monday, 2 June 2014

What are we up to

After speaking about this last Thursday
I thought we might all want to let each other know we are painting/modelling
At the moment I am making Flag markers for Grande Armee.
I want to use the POW spotting rules and use flags instead of movement boards
Spearhead hidden movement markers (instead of the beads) using Phil's idea of cut and paste onto MDF 40x20 boards
Need to make up some more tree bases
small oval 80x40 bases with a few trees and some scrub.
Rebase my early Ancients
Rebase my early Spearhead
Narrow seas boats
More war of the roses archers
New Baccus flags on my Grande Armee brigades
Revisit and complete my flexible road


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  2. Whatever where you going to say? You have me intrigued!

  3. I too am intrigued. Anyway I'm banging through WW1 British and Austrians at present. The British troops are all painted - just need basing and then the artillery / MG's painting and basing and we're done. The Austrians are in a similar state - most troops painted and awaiting basing and artillery / MG's and they too will be ready.

    After that I am going to do the Byzantine-era armies based for BBDBA.

    Then complete my WW2 US and Russian armies.

    Then one day do the AWI armies but not sure what to base them for (POW or Rank & File?).