Saturday, 12 July 2014

DBA Errata

A few clarifications following on from Thursday and some further reading of the rule book.

1. Overlaps - We got this spot on. If your element is in flank contact with another enemy elements side edge you are overlapped regardless of whether this enemy element is in combat to its front or not.

2.Destroyed elements and supporting elements. - I was looking through the rule book to see if I could find a section which confirmed that supporting elements are destroyed if the main element is destroyed as a combat outcome.

The rules clearly state that if an element is destroyed any elements which are in contact with a flank or in rear support of the destroyed element recoil, maybe worth a second look but I can't find anything which suggests you lose your rear support and flank contact.

3. Push backs - this is becoming clearer now the more we play and we have been doing this right except if you have 2 or more ranks of friendly troops which are contacted by a friendly recoiled element you would push all three elements back far enough to accommodate the recoil. Of course troop types that can inter penetrate will simply just move through if there is clear space behind.

4. Recoiling elephants - these will destroy any friends which they contact during the recoil. They will then finish their recoil move and are not destroyed. Elephants which recoil into elephants kill each other.

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Sounds like we are getting there!