Monday, 21 July 2014

Joy of Six

I promised a review and I have to say I thought the whole weekend was excellent!  The armouries were well worth a visit and we probably could have done with another hour - I think we should have given the punt guns a miss.  A pity we didn't get a chance to see the machine gun section and Mark looked a little disappointed that they had the swords from lords of the rings but no Gimli axe!

The hotel was good for the price and very handy for the venue and for city centre pubs and restaurants.

The day itself went far too quickly.  I spoke with alot of people with whom I was more than happy to spend time with; something that cannot be said for most wargames events.

It was a pity that there were only three traders in attendance.  However, if I had to choose one 6mm supplier it would have been H&R and it was great to see alot of the range but a shame he was so busy that we didn't get a full chance to look through everything he brought.

I am definitely up for putting on another game next year.  It was nice to receive the compliments and I felt it gave us a good base from which to talk to others in the show.  The concept of using a fast play version of a rule set is certainly an idea I would repeat in future; it was impressive that we got a result by the end of the day and I think I might further develop the rules we used to put on big games on Thursday nights.  In addition, I would also look to use a game we had already played rather than develop a new from scratch for the show; I did not suffer any burn out approaching this show and over the last few months I was able to add a few extras, which were not neccessary, but enjoyable to prepare.  I am looking at Tarawa, Plassey (evil uncle Mir Jaffa would have a great time with the fast play rules) and possibly Fontenoy as my contendors for next year.

The Thursday night prep was vital and I felt the packaging and transporting of the game went very well.  It all went smoothly and I have had very few breakages.  It was a great combined effort; thank you Mark, Russ and Phil for all the effort you guys put in, I hope you got the same out of it.

So, all in all, the event surpassed my expectations and I am looking forward to next year.  Let me know what you think.


mark shakespeare said...

A good weekend
Armouries were excellent,
Sunday did pass like a blur with a lot to do and so much to see,
You're right about the game we put on next year, it has to be one we've done before and adjusted to fast play to allow everyone to visit the other tables and traders.
The day is 10 until 4 which means we have to have a game result in 4hrs to allow for breaks.
It will be the 200th anniversary of waterloo next year.
We need to set out a criteria for next years game e.g. Quality, ease, display,excitement etc. etc.
I think the only thing missing from the weekend was a sing along on the way home.

ian said...

Yes, we should have been singing "misty mountain" from the hobbit as we went through snake pass.

Russ Fewtrell said...

Yes It was a great weekend, thanks to all. Sunday just flew by and I agree with Mark that next Year we should plan to get set up and finished within 4 hours to allow for general browsing and purchases at the "Gifte Shoppe"

It was good to H & R at the show and I hope they will attend next Year.

I thought everything went smoothly enough so we only really need to look at what we will be doing game wise for next Year's show

ian said...

I would agree; it went very smoothly. We just need to ensure that the game has maximum visual impact but the simplest and quickest time to play. Not bad if that's all we have to work on.