Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Photos From Joy Of Six Show 2014

Initial Setup For Banja Luka

 DBMM Ancients Game...... That's what you call Warband!

Nice Chariots, I did like the concept of using 28mm scale bases and populating them with a mass of 6mm but there is a shit load of extra painting involved to get there. I'll be sticking to 15mm scale base sizes thanks!

 Back to our game..... and the Imperialists face the impending advance of my Ottoman forces.
 Over on the other side of the table things are looking more positive for the Imperial Army as troops breach the walls.
 It's looking just as grim for the Garrison force as more Imperial Forces are breaking through....

Ottoman Reserve Guard, arriving in style on the flank to help out with the counter attack...

 Mark re ordered his cavalry around to counter the newly arriving Ottoman force....
 The Imperial force holding the pontoon bridge was quickly swept aside as troops routed one after another following failed morale checks.
 As my initial order was to engage the hill my reserve was now on hold so I could refuse my flank from Mark's charging cavalry.
 At Banja Luka the Garrison has all but been destroyed and the town belongs to the Imperialists!
 As the sun sets the both sides can now re group but it's clear that the Imperialist force will not be hanging around Banja Luka for long as the Ottoman's have enough troops left to besiege the town in the morning. The loss of the Imperial force which was ordered to hold the pontoon bridge allowed has prevented a complete crushing, so in the end a marginal victory for the Imperialists after a well fought siege.

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  1. Great pictures and write up. It was an excellent day all round and you could almost forget that we actually had a very good game as well!