Sunday, 6 July 2014

Rules for Banja Luka

I would like to ensure we have as much time to get up to whatever we want at the Joy of Six event whilst also making sure we play a game that gets a result.  Therefore, I am proposing the following operational rules which I hope will give us an outcome that will reflect the full set of PoW but in a less detailed manner.

The battlefield is set up in the same manner.

OOB and casualty sheets are the same.

We use the order menu as normal.

We use the recently introduced army morale and test for units routing within 8".

The special Banja Luka amendments and siege rules remain the same.

However, we do not use the charging melee and firing rules from PoW.  Instead we look at the orders a particular unit is under and consult the following matrix to see who, if any has the advantage.

Ottomans       Imperials         Outcome
Engage           Engage            Ottomans win
Attack            Attack            Ottomans win
Engage           Hold               Ottomans win
Attack            Hold               Draw
Hold               Engage           Imperials win
Hold               Attack            Imperials win
Engage           Attack             Imperials win
Attack            Engage            Draw

What this means is that when you use your pips to charge and melee or fire with a unit you look at the above matrix and in a one on one unit situation the winner decides on whether they are putting a casualty on the loser or demanding a morale check.  In a 2 on 1 situation it is a casualty and morale check and so on.

Where it is a draw there is no result unless one side has more than one unit firing or in the melee.

Where one side is normally the winner but is faced by two units then the situation becomes a draw.

Hopefully, with this method we will concentrate on moving troops around the battlefield and quickly resolving combats to give us a faster game.

If there is a chance I would like to try this out before the Joy of Six but I know time is against me.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.


  1. That looks fine Ian
    we can do a dummy run the week before,
    just make up a simple battle to try it out on