Friday, 5 September 2014

Burgundian Wars

Swiss Pike; just wind them up and aim them.  At sixteen strength and shifts galore I wonder why Russ likes them!

Mark announced last night that he has enough troop types to put together a Burgundian army to fight Russ' PoW Swiss.  As I am very concerned that Russ will sell his Swiss before I get round to painting my Italian Wars French (I do like to finish projects before starting new ones) I agreed to look into the battles of the Burgundian Wars.

Between 1474-77, the richest state in Europe, Burgundy, was destroyed in a series of battles (Grandson, Morat and Nancy) by the Swiss.  Charles the Bold (or Rash) was killed at Nancy, and his state was divided between the French and the Habsburgs.  The Burgundian army was very well equipped and was possibly the first modern army constructed of all arms, balanced between infantry, cavalry and artillery.  However, the Swiss pike was a formidable fighting formation and the Swiss were fanatical in battle.

Burgundian men at arms.  They will charge any thing regardless of the tactical situation.  I wonder why Mark likes them!

I have some information on the battles, including maps of Grandson and Morat but does anyone have any further books.  Russ, do you have the Osprey "Swiss at War" and Mark do you have "The Burgundian Ordinances"?

I will try and use what terrain I have and I am determined to put these games on using only the resources I already have so any further information would be gratefully received.


mark shakespeare said...

I haven't got the osprey, but will be getting it

Russ Fewtrell said...

I will pick up a copy of the Swiss book too.

Looking forward to fielding my army