Friday, 19 September 2014

Orthez 27th February 1814

French held the ridgeline to the town of Orthez, British attacked along the line.
Beresford(me) attacked the left flank at the village of Boes but got repulsed.
Wellington(Phil) attacked the main ridge and slowly pushed his way up.
Fine defence by Soult (Ian) but numbers beginning to tell.
ran out of time
Result Draw
Historically the battle played out the same way with the French right wing solid and the centre pushed in. The French withdrew east to save their army.

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  1. That was a great game and I wouldn't have held on much longer. I have enjoyed all three battles because I do find this rule set a real challenge. You are in charge of large formations, and although the rules seem quite simplistic, you are left to make the big decisions on when to attack or how to concentrate your defence like an army commander. We get big battles played very quickly and the outcomes are very realistic. Apologies if I am not always generous to an opponent with these rules, but the margins are so fine that a wrong call easily tips the playing balance. Thanks Mark for a great series of battles.