Sunday, 28 September 2014

War Of The Roses

Mark recently e mailed me a copy of the DBM army list book 4 covering medieval, crusade and renaissance periods. The original idea was maybe look at re basing my Swiss onto 30mm x 30mm bases which would mean that they could be used for DBM and POWR.

After looking at the army all nicely based up on 30 x 90mm blocks I just could not bear myself the anguish to undertake the job so they will remain like Galadriel in the West until their time comes.

This leaves me with an idea which may be possible but involves Mark.......

DBM Army Roster For WOTR

The question is do you fancy knocking together two armies (historical would be better) so we can try out DBM for this period?

You could use 25mm base sizes (which is what I am doing for my 6mm ancients) 60mm frontage per element, or if it saves on figures to build larger size forces use standard 40mm widths.

Have a think about it!

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