Friday, 14 November 2014

Italian Wars Army Underway

For some time I have felt under the eye of Russ who painted quite a few landsknechts for me a year ago. About that time Russ managed to paint up an entire Swiss army of the late 14th century/early 15th century on a wet afternoon whilst watching the east enders omnibus. Being a mere painting mortal it has taken me somewhat longer to catch up.

"What news from Birkenhead?"

"Build me an army worthy of Russ!"

Well, the above is a picture of my first 4 units of landsknechts.  Not quite a horde yet but I am looking forward to painting the Gens D'Armes that Mark dropped off the other night and getting some more Burgundian v Swiss battles fought whilst building my French Army for the Italian Wars.

"I'm sorry but that wasn't worth shaving my eyebrows for!"


  1. These look rather splendid Ian. It's uncanny how the base colour is almost identical to your gaming matt, Scary!
    Looking forward to this period now that you are well under way with the painting. I really liked the Gens D'Armes models you ordered, I am sure you will do a sterling job when you get around to painting them up.

    I just have to finish those last 2 pike units but I have hit a brick wall with the painting of late. I must of caught Mark's MO-JO virus. Nothing that a good rest will not cure though....

  2. Thanks Russ, I think the basing has worked well. I haven't touched the painting that's all your work. I can appreciate the painting brick wall, I alway think it best to put it all away and leave it until you really want to paint something. I've been tootling along over the last few months but those gens d'armes have inspired me!