Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Malaya Campaign

Got to say how much fun this is proving.  Last week (being more than half asleep) was a bit of a blur but the strategic planning (moving ships, subs and planes) around the map hunting for Force Z while tactically fighting out the invasion to take the airstrip is a great balance.

It is no surprise now that we blasted the pill boxes covering our landing spot (but clearly failed to think that the British would have sown mines on the beach).  A combination of mines and MG's would have probably wiped out our first wave before it got over the wire and would probably severely hampered the second one as well.  However, getting the engineers in on the first wave would have made a big difference (blame it on sleep-deprivation).

Approaching the battle last night, we were taken aback by the damage done by the mines and also the sheer numbers of troops the British had available.  I thought our first wave would get swept away but Japanese in the jungle (even if there is only a handful of them) are more than capable of holding their own.  A handful of stands managed to hold on, then take the upper hand and eventually rout their opposition (amazing considering how few actually got off the beach).

With a route now cleared for subsequent waves, the pressure now is to get as many troops on to the beach before any more nasty surprises turn up.  We had a chat at end of play to work out our tactical and strategic moves which we will put into play next week.

The Japanese Air Force had a mixed day - turning up with wave after wave of torpedo bombers didn't help - yet the Betty's and Zero's managed to knock out nearly all the fighters available to the British.  The AA cover over the cruisers also kept the Hudsons at bay.  It will be Sod's Law that when Force Z appears we'll roll for fighters or nothing rather than the torpedo bombers we'll then need.

The airfield will be a tough nut to crack - however night and the Banzai Bollocks will make it seem less daunting!

So thumbs up so far for an excellent campaign - with more twists and turns to follow I'm sure.

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  1. Thanks Phil, I think both sides are playing it really well. I can't wait to write this campaign up but of course I can't say anything yet without giving vital information away. So far, seasoned and well trained Japanese infantry have managed to secure a tentative foothold and shown their superiority in the Jungle. The British are still holding the airfield and have been quite aggressive in their defence. However, we have had no naval combat yet and that could put a different spin on the situation. I'm looking forward to next Tuesday's resumption.