Sunday, 28 December 2014

Battle Of Grandson - 2nd March 1476 Principles Of War

Our first holiday game of the Season, Grandson a Principles Of War Renaissance battle.

Ian was good enough to umpire whilst Mark and I got down to rolling dice, moving figures and exchanging banter.......

Mark took the forces of Charles the Bold whilst I fielded my Swiss for the second time.

We managed to play around 23 turns throughout the day and there were many 20's rolled on both sides. I think I ended up with more luck than Mark as his morale tests were disappointing.

It was closer than I would of liked in the end and I underestimated some of Marks infantry units which caused me a lot of headaches.

 This is how to paint 6mm figures
Excellent figures

I think after this battle it is fair to say that the Swiss are not perhaps quite as formidable as they first appeared. Looking forward to the next one!

Thanks to Ian and Mark for a top day


  1. Great Photos Russ. It was very well played and I think the Burgundians put up more of a fight than any of us would have thought. I was happy with the relative strengths and the initial skirmish was excellent. However, I am kicking myself over the army morale which if played would have got us a quicker result. Next Burgundian v Swiss battle is Morat but the next Christmas game is Pelelui.

  2. Great battle. Charles of Burgundy will triumph eventually.