Friday, 12 December 2014

Oh no, I got it wrong!

Sorry guys I got my date wrong for the 29th December game - Can we make it on Tuesday 30th instead?  Also, I will struggle to get the Brig ready for the Grochka battle so can I put the Pelelui landing on instead?

However, I am still good for Monday 22nd December and the battle of Grandson - which I think should be an interesting game.  My money is on the Swiss but those Burgundians could still do it!

Let me know what everyone thinks.


  1. No problem, I think I will be ok for the 30th, will check and let you know.


  2. I am good with the change of date+battle

  3. I'm fine with 30thand will go japs or US at Pelelui

  4. Great - I need to get OOB done for Marks's US.