Sunday, 25 January 2015

Joy of Six

It's time to make a decision about who wants to attend this years event and what battle we want to put on.  My two proposals are;


I have most of the figures and battlefield ready.  It's an exotic location which I can enhance with a more elaborate Bengali fortified camp.  Two elements I never included in the original game are a sloop of war, which covered Clive's river flank

and two batteries of fully mobile oxen propelled Bengali artillery

Not sure how I would go about making these monsters but for a show I would make the effort.

And the other offering would be;


Again, I think this game has a lot happening in it to make it interesting.  We've played it and we have all the figures.  But we would need to look at enhancing the terrain and I am not sure a 6'x4' table would be interesting enough unless I could increase the size without buggering up the game.  Alternatively, we could do Tarawa which would look fantastic, but again, we would need to look at enhancing the scenery.  Also, we could look at getting these;

Anyway, those are my ideas, you may have something better.  However, it must be something we have already played and it should have enough of a scenic element to make an impact at the show.  Basically, we will spend the next few months polishing a game we have already played.

Russ has checked out hotels and it seems something else is happening in Sheffield that weekend to make rooms more expensive than last year, so we will need to book soon.  The new venue is very close to the old one but looks a lot smarter.


  1. For me right now I think I my vote goes to Pelelui. I think this game would work very well at the show. We have all the figures and scenery but there is time to polish bits up before July.

    Early days yet and I am sure Mark will have some suggestions too.

  2. I think Plassey would be more colourful though. I agree with Russ that the amount of prep would be minimal and we can just tweak to get it looking spot on but Plassey would look awesome.

  3. Tricky tricky
    both good games to play
    I am going to go with............
    you cant go wrong with oxen artillary
    also i would like to rebase my yanks and smarten them up
    to a better standerd before a public outing

  4. O dear I've been out voted!

    True democracy!