Monday, 12 January 2015

One up to the French

British Tudor V French
Played a POW renaissance game on Saturday giving Ian's Gendarmes an outing
The French Cavalry rode over all opposition as if it wasn't there.
The Tudor army had no answer to the French in the open and even sitting back was no good as the French artillery is Heavy and out gunned the Tudors .
Back to the drawing board

Tudor army, No cavalry!!!

French army, Mostly cavalry

Most of the battle so far was the Tudors trying to get away from the heavy cannon.
This is where the French cavalry charged
The game ended 2 turns later


 more ouch!!!

Please make the pain go away!!!

No right wing left

The glorious dead
The worst the French got was a blister from using the Lance too much

Thanks Ian


  1. O dear Mark, looks rather painful this one. Let me know next time you are playing and I will bake you some fresh dice to use.

  2. The Tudor army does have a cavalry option but it is only skirmish mounted SM with hand weapon.
    Although put the SM in front of the elite Gendarmes and they will charge them automatically, it could be a way of pulling the gendarmes away from the infantry.
    The Tudor army will rise again and then the French will catch it!!!

  3. Must admit I thought the Swiss were bad! I couldn't believe the first charge generated a melee factor of 240; that's twice over the table edge and a bit more! Even on my rubbish rolling it was 12 casualties in one combat. The early Tudor army has to get itself set up right to withstand that onslaught but the army of Henry VIII has more options. It was Agincourt as the French intended.