Saturday, 24 January 2015

Some feedback on rules........

Following Thursday nights clash between Carthage & Rome I made some mental notes during the game and subsequently posted on the forum.

I wanted to clarify evades and also how to deal with units that fought after they had been activated.

Mark Lewis kindly replied and I thought it a good idea to post the details here while it's fresh.

1. Units that have already been activated in a phase.

If you have activated a unit in a phase then it's cost you an action dice, you get to move /shoot / charge and fight. If as it seems to happen one of your units is charged and you don't have a dice allocated to it then the melee is fought as normal BUT you do not receive any impetus bonus, after resolution a dice from your own pool is drawn from the bag and placed next to the unit showing a 1.

Mark explained that this stops any further activation of that unit in that turn and also works as a penalty against you for being caught napping as it costs you a dice but you do not get any impetus.

If by chance that unit ends up being charged again in the same phase or another in the turn it will fight but just with it's strength. No further dice are drawn from the bag.

Mark also confirmed that if a unit is activated and performs an advance (not a manoeuvre) it will still receive it's impetus bonus if it is charged by another enemy unit in that phase only.

I might of missed this on Thursday when Ian charged Phil's Velites who sucessfully evaded. Ian then charged moving full distance and was subsequently charged by Phil's Roman heavy foot. Ian's unit should of still received it's impetus as Phil charged in during the same phase. Something to remember for next time.......

2. Evading

We seemed to have done this correctly as per the rules. Just remember for future reference that only skirmish troops (light foot and light horse) can evade.

If they have already been activated in the turn then they won't be able to evade and are likely to be run down.

You either just need to have an action dice already allocated to the unit or draw one from you pool and make a discipline test to pass and evade.

Looking forward to our next game


  1. Does that mean I would have got another die in the melee with Phil? That would make a difference in being more aggressive with your good troops as this forces the enemy to do something especially as you know before moving whether they have allocated dice to the unit you move towards. Also, do you subsequently get impact if you have impetus (I'm thinking of the Gauls)?

  2. Yes that's correct because you activated your unit and charged the dice was in effect still "live" when Phil charged you in the SAME phase.

    Impact is slightly different to impetus in that to qualify your unit must have

    a. Impetus (an action dice)
    b. Fresh (no hits)
    c. Unit has moved this phase
    d. If a foot unit it is not fighting enemy mounted

  3. So I would have got an extra die as well for impact as my Gauls would have complied with the above. I think these rules could do with a season of playing as there's alot of nuanced rules.

  4. Movement bases / trays would speed play up as well.

    As for the above, I thought the Gauls charged but stopped short in the previous turn and hence allowed me to charge them in my turn? The Gauls would only get an extra dice for impact if they connected with their charge in their turn, surely?!

  5. I can't remember to be fair but it did all take place during the same turn maybe not in the same phase but it's heresay. The main thing to remember is that if the move took place in a phase and Ian was the active player, once he passed the phase over to you as the innactive player and you charged him he would receive all the bonuses for impact as he a: moved in his phase and b. still has an action dice "live" so receives impetus.

    If on the other hand Ian was the innactive player and charged you after you had activated all your units then the Phase would end and the Gaul's would lose their impetus and impact as your into a fresh phase of the turn.

    Something I must remember to enforce during play is to make sure that units that activate don't turn their dice to a 1 until the end of each phase, that way you know what units are still active, even if they have moved. Just have to keep an eye on stuff that's moved!

    Movement trays are a good idea and will speed thing up. For all my new armies I am basing on 2 x 60mm x 30mm bases giving a 120mm frontage and will take this a step further by just going for 120mm wide bases, makes everything more easy to move.