Sunday, 8 February 2015

Battle of Baecula 208BC - Spain

Thursday night sees the return to the second punic war between Rome & Carthage.

The battle of Baecula took place in Iberia and was an open battle field in between two valleys.

Scipio Africanus led the Roman army of 35,000 men against Hasdrubal Barca representing over 25,000 men plus allies.

The Carthaginian army will deploy in a heavily defensive position with  high and deep plateau south of Baecula, protected by ravines on the flanks and the river to the front and rear. On the game table I will only be representing one river which will stand between the Romans and the Carthaginian s.

Both sides of the table will be steep hills so the Roman army must cross the river

The river will only slow the Roman's down and I will make the Roman's roll per section when crossing. A  6 will mean that that section is particularly difficult and will take 2 phases to cross,

Whilst in the river all troops will be penalised as difficult ground, no combat can take place in the river but the Carthaginian's could use missile weapons should they be in a position to..... 

Despite the terrain advantage, in the actual battle Scipio managed to rout the Carthaginian's and Hasdrubal fled into the Pyrenees.

The Roman's need but sack the Carthaginian Baggage to claim a victory.

It should be an interesting match up........


  1. Sounds good. I look forward to playing either side.

  2. I may be able to make it this Thursday.

  3. I too will make it as I have moved too day shift but won't get to club until 7.30 ish so start without me