Sunday, 8 February 2015

Gaming weekend

There has just been a gaming weekend at Broughton and it got me thinking as to whether we should be making the most of this opportunity.  Is this a resource we are not making the most of?

The benefits are two days with a greater amount of space than I am able to offer.

So, I have two games that would fit this bill, both of them WW2 spearhead.

Operation Battleaxe

Jon, Mark and myself have played this before.  An early war British v Axis mini campaign in the desert.  Simple campaign mechanics along the lines of the Malayan campaign.  The battlefields are played on 8' x 6' tables and the benefit of the club is that we can play two scenarios back to back with the aim of getting four games played in the weekend.  Rules and figures ready to go.

The Road to Berlin

This is a large single battle played on a 10' x 8' table featuring autobahns and entrenchments.  A Soviet shock army v a weakened German Korp comprising Volksturm and elite Panzer instructor units.  The last gasp of the Third Reich featuring aircraft, tanks and huge Soviet artillery strikes.  I suspect between us we have a lot of the troops and terrain but we may have to make up a few specials and get hold of an Autobahn including bridges that can be demolished.

Have a think and let me know what you think.  It may be that we are missing out on adding another dimension to our gaming.


  1. Good call Ian,

    The venue certainly has more space to do larger games and I do think that it could be an option.

    The real issue I feel which is hurdle for all of us is, can we do a full 2 days?

    Worth a chat on Thursday.......

  2. count me In, battle axe was fab and the road to berlin sounds good any excuse to get the tiger 2's out.