Friday, 13 February 2015

Last Night

Reduced crew for last night although Phil did show up later.
Sword and spear were on the cards and Russ played an historical battle
not many pics as I was far to busy sticking it to the Carthaginians

 Carthaginians defending the river
 Carthaginians crossing the river
 Carthaginians dead in the river
Carthaginian dead
Enjoyed the game, learning how to use the armies more each time we play
Roman legion are awesome, like a meat grinder.

Just a little something for Phil, it required two hands to eat and the sugar rush afterwards!!!!!


  1. Mark displays his advanced driving technique - eating a sticky bun, taking a photo and posting a blog all before slamming the brakes on just before hitting the roundabout at the bottom of Loggerheads! Ah, the memories of travelling to Joy of Six come flooding back.

    Great to see last nights win written up - revenge for the whupping I got from Russ at Edgehill the week before.

  2. I'm not allowed to eat such things anymore. With one hand or two!

  3. What is it? it looks like a nipple cake...

    Those Romans will get what's coming to them Mark. I made a complete hash of things and learned a few more things about the rules, the hard way!

    I should of held the river, it was criminal of me sending my lights across the river and I paid the price in full.

    I think that light troops are very good if you get lucky with the dice, they can really weaken or even destroy units. The downside is they only have 2 strength and are easily dispersed which is no bad thing as I believe they are not meant to linger.

    Light horse and cavalry will eat them alive and I have learned not to expose them from charges in future.

    I reckon that if I had held the river position my lights could of softened up your front line enough for my main troops to have half a chance, pity I did not stick to the plan of the historical battle!

    Lessons learned, look forward to the next one!

    I have ordered a new oven as those dice just did not bake as well as I had thought....