Saturday, 28 February 2015

Romans vs Carthage or "Ode to a fallen General"

Pics from Thursdays ancients battle. Could have saved us two hours if the two generals had just met in the middle of the battlefield and Mark then just rolled a six.

The Roman juggernaut rolls toward the stationary Carthaginian lines

Meanwhile out on the right the Carthaginian cavalry goes prospecting. in the hills watched by the slightly bemused Roman legion

Roman reserves

Roman C-in-C pushes his legion forward. See those skirmishers Ian

Carthaginians still messing about in the hills 

Roman reserves still playing cards. All is looking good....

but wait, where is the General". Oh yes He's dead. 


  1. Hmmm not quite sure what I learnt from that game. I'll just blame Mark as its traditional.

  2. Well it was more convincing rolling that 6 than kicking the table leg......

  3. Turns out I never played this correctly as the rules state you only get to roll to kill the commander if the unit loses ALL the combat dice and that never happened in the game as it was 2 dice thrown and just the one hit.

    Never mind!