Sunday, 22 March 2015

Big Battle DBA 3.0 AAR Samurai V Samurai

Thursday night and club night. Phil was good enough to arrange a DBA 3.0 game (big battle) using his re based and excellently painted Baccus Samurai armies.

Initial Setup....

Mark and Jon where busy gabbing so I had to make a decision on which table side to come on from.
We were the attacking army.

Perhaps in hindsight I chose wrongly but the result of this battle was not influenced by the terrain.

My command on the left flank.

Jon's (largest) command over on the right advances

Mark & Phil held the line on the other side of the table.

We had to try and thump this lot somehow

Overview after three turns

A couple of close up snaps of Phil's troops

Jon & I advance

Jon was involved in the action way before me and this scrap over on the right was a hard fought battle

In the centre my mixed command of bow (SHIT) and Sohei monks advanced

Phil had a nicely defended position on that hill, with some cavalry units protecting the far side of the table....

Over on the right and Jon fares the worst. Dice rolls were on the whole SHIT and there were a lot of 1's rolled which caused much pain

Jon lost three elements pretty quickly

The battle rages on over on the right flank

Over on the left I tried to neutralise Phil's cavalry with my Yari

This fort was a defensive stronghold, something we never managed to get any were near to

Over on the right Jon's command got whooped, the unlucky dice rolling killed any chance we ever had. Mar did very well and ruthlessly exploited Jon's exposed flanks

After we lost the command (yes 50% losses) I was left to carry the can but it was quickly evident that this battle was lost 

Final position of my command. Mark sweeps across unopposed to kill me

Jon's losses (ouch)

 Final army positions. 

A good game, both armies were exactly the same so credit to Mark & Phil as they managed to make things happen when we could not. Jon rolled very badly and I was not much better which made thing even harder.

DBA 3.0 is a good rule set for sure but it does lack the complexities which I am accustomed to in set of rules. I guess it's all about balance in the end.


  1. when I'm good I'm good
    but that's not very often

  2. Worst game I've played in ages.i should have attacked with the brothel girls. Marks troops might have been distracted long enough for me to kill at least one stand. Or maybe with my dice rolling I would have rolled a one for pips and the brothel girls would have died of VD before they reached the enemy pike.