Tuesday, 17 March 2015

We are Honest.com Autumn Trees

Managed to find the time on Sunday to visit the local shop to pick up some Vallejo primer for Jon's ACW trees.

The airbrush was duly cleaned and dusted off from a few Months rest and made ready to spray the 50 trees.

Here's a few photos.....

I knew the colour I wanted to replicate and it was more reddy brown than red. The trees took the paint well but I had to adjust the compressor setting to avoid blowing too much tree stuff away during the spray application.

I used a lighter tone on model colours to add a highlight which sets these off quite nicely.

I am sure these will look great mixed in with or on their own. A touch of Autumn on the battlefield....

Will bring them down for you on Thursday Jon




  1. They look nice. I was told that watered down PVA or hairspray makes a good fixer for the foliage.

  2. Excccelleent,,thanks russ