Friday, 3 April 2015

Liable case quashed

I would like to bring to the courts attention, page 5 of said rules particularly the section on armour.
This proves that my client, "The Count, Up to three, Duke of Milan" was not "making up the rules to suit himself", and that any such accusations were wholly unjustified.
My client will not be pressing charges as long as his baggage is returned along with his pet monkey (alive).


  1. They say that if you give a monkey a typewriter probability dictates that in enough time the monkey will eventually write the works of Shakespeare. I suppose this proves it.

  2. And you would be wise to read it (especially page 5, the section on armour)

  3. I draw my learned colleague's attention to the battle report which shows that regardless of whether they wore armour or not, if you roll a 1 on the 10 table you miss in any respect.