Monday, 4 May 2015

Flags Ready

I have gotten the flag poles and bases ready for Mark and Russ; can you both pick out three flags each and I will finish your army markers for you.  Phil, I will do the same for you when you've finished your army - you will need to print/buy suitable Spanish flags.

Also, can someone tell me how to take a photo on my i-phone or i-pad and use it on blogger.  I want to show my latest update for Plassey!


  1. How I do it is by connecting the phone to the PC via a usb/phone lead, when done a choice of options will come up on the PC screen and I pick the one that says import pictures.
    It will usually import straight to the Pictures file of your PC.
    It may ask you to name the file the pictures go in (each time I import some pictures it puts them in a file in the pictures folder) I tend to date each file.
    When you look for picture for the blog you go to the pictures option on your PC and chose your file and the pictures in it.

  2. Flags already ordered and on their way.

  3. As far as photos Google Drive to your ipad / iphone. When you take pictures, store them on Google Drive. On your laptop, open Google Drive, transfer your files to your laptop hard drive then just post them up on Blogger in the normal way.