Saturday, 16 May 2015

Gettysburg boards

They still need work but since Mark keeps asking here are a few shots of the first two boards (of 12) covering the initial jump of point at Herrs Tavern for day1 of Gettysburg.

View from the Confederate entry point on Chambersburg Turnpike. Brigades of Heths division will be deployed in the plowed field bottom left and woods to the right of Herrs Tavern at bottom right. Across Willoughby Run the Federal cavalry (2 Brigades) will be deployed dismounted in the woods and plowed field and in the wheatfield and woods surrounding Mcpherson farm on the aptly named McPherson Ridge. To the center left is the wooded hill of Oak Hill with the Mummasberg Turnpike running through it and it the distance is the Seminary and the town of Gettysburg. The rail cutting for the pre war and unfinished railroad offers protection (or is it a death trap)

 Eye level view of same.
McPhersons Ridge upon which sits McPhersons Farm and McPhersons Woods both scenes of heavy fighting on the day between the Federal Iron Brigade aka Black Hats and the elite brigade of Brig Gen Pettigrew including the battalion lead by the boy colonel. Mcphersons ridge continues off to the right to an orchard and another road.

View from the confederate right toward McPhersons Woods. The wooded area at bottom right is an orchard.

View from Mcphersons farm across the federal line toward the rail cutting and Oak Hill. The farm and orchard to rear sit astride the Mummamsberg road. Two further boards including the Rock Ridge Creek and the cavalry battle field extend the table East approximately to 6 1/2 feet.
More work needed and a shed load more trees,fences and and fields but i am pretty pleased so far


  1. Wow Jon that looks superb. You just need to deploy the units "these are your best troops!" Sid Meier eat your heart out.

  2. You have done a fine job here Jon, the scenery really does capture the period very well.

  3. Great work Jon. Are they all going to be done in time? ;)