Saturday, 16 May 2015

Jon's Cornfields led me here!

After Jon posted his new cornfields I clicked on the link to the ebay page and found a load of really nice scenery items.

I am thinking of purchasing some of these....

Grass Fields (different colours are available)

Leafy crops / vineyards 

Moorland Clumps

They are all approx 120mm x 100mm and cost around £6 each, not exactly cheap but you get what you pay for as usual

I like all these and they will definitely enhance my collection further.

The moorland clumps will be used to create some bog land pieces which after seeing how Ian created his water with the tissue paper/liquitex method has inspired me to look at creating some dark and gloomy moorland pieces using these clumps as islands in the water.


  1. Nice one Russ. Marsh land is an area we are weak on.

  2. Looking good. I agree about the marshy areas but generally our fields tend to be resin based. These look a lot better. Perhaps we should all buy a couple each to spread the load?

  3. Also, that top one looks just like a paddy field ready to be harvested! Hmmmm.....