Friday, 8 May 2015

Plassey Update

I promised some more pictures.  It was a pig to put together and the instructions were minimalist.  However, it looks better than I expected and I may well try another in the future.

And this is a good record for me in case I drop it and need to put it together again.  I want to use this for a variety of 18th century amphibious games.  Jon pointed out it's unusual configuration in my previous post but this type of boat, a sloop or brigantine was much used in coastal warfare.  The Kingfisher, which this represents was present with the RN squadron in India and was also active in the West Indies during the seven years war and finished up being used as a bomb ketch, the RN's secret weapon for destroying shore fortifications (again, a future game!)

The flags are interchangeable and I already have plans to use this on the Danube with the Austrians, on the Black Sea with the Russians as well as in the Med, the West Indies and Canada.  Incidentally, I will need to change the ensigns and pennants for the different theatres in which the RN fights; Blue for the Far East and Pacific, Red for the North Atlantic and Caribbean, white for the Med.  Depending on which colony the squadron of the RN protected dictated the flag of that colony; blue for New Zealand and Australia, Red for Canada etc.

A fortified shore battery from Langton miniatures.  It won't be used at Plassey but it will be handy for a few future games.

The new terrain I have ordered for the Baggirutti River which features on the west side of the battlefield.  The battle and campaign moved along this river and Clive relied on this river for the rapid deployment and supply of his army whilst the Bengali army also relied on it for communication with their capital.  My plan is to re-do the water affects using liquitex (Thanks Phil for the spare foam to experiment on)  and hopefully create an effect that is more realistic than the blue paint but generic enough to represent a major river and coastal water - I'll post my efforts when I have something to show.  I will then separately base up reed beds to better indicate that this is a river.  I am open to feed back and opinions on this idea!


  1. Your photographic skills are coming on nicely Ian, you do have to mess about somewhat to get the desired "shot" but worthwhile non the less! The ship is a beast

    I like your fortified shore battery too. Can' wait to see how you get along with the liquitex.

  2. Thanks Russ. I'm waiting for you to get tired of your latest camera so that I can snap up a bargain on e-bay!

  3. And you would be right but I had to decide between new glasses and a new Nikon D3300 DSLR camera.

    The camera came second on this occassion.

    Maybe in a few Months time I might decide to make the purchase

  4. Fab ship, every time I see it I hear the Onedin Line music.

  5. You're right I should have called this post "not the onedin line". Aye aye cap'n Baines.

  6. I've got a feeling that Plassey will be the best looking battle at Joy of Six.