Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Rum, sodomy and the lash!

No, it's not a plug for Jon's BBQ but a quote by Churchill regarding the Royal Navy in the eighteenth century.  In fact he was wrong, although the Pogues thought it was so funny they named an album after it.

This is a rather poor pic (but thanks Phil for showing me how!) of my 12 gun sloop for Plassey.  I will try and get some better pictures in the next few days but I wanted to try out my latest blog no-how.


  1. What an odd looking looks like it's yet to grow into it's sails .with that much sail and such a small hull it must have flown over the water

  2. Before the napoleonic wars the term "frigate" was a generic term for any non battle line ship that could sail on detached duties. Sloops were one type that fitted this description. Acting as raiders or supports for landings I have painted this one up for coastal and river actions.