Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Water effects

Sample 1; I brushed the liquitex on straight and it shows.  Fast under current, that's my excuse!

These are my latest attempts to create a water effect and improve the terrain boards.  Phil managed to get hold of some polystyrene samples for me to practice on (It was very hard to find as it mustn't be as common for packaging these days).  I experimented with an initial coat of watered down PVA but the holes in the polystyrene showed through.  And then I thought on again about the conversation I had with Phil regarding kitchen paper; I knew that I wouldn't get a flat surface and although its good for textured land terrain I thought I would need a better base for water.  Being in an experimental mode of thinking I thought I would try it any way and I think it adds to the water effect.

Above is my green based attempt and below is my blue based attempt.  Let me know what you think and more importantly which you prefer.  I shall bring the samples with me on Thursday.  Vanessa's new i-pad camera is very good and both photos do justice to the reality of the effects!

Sample 2; a more swirly attempt at applying the liquitex.


  1. This looks excellent and I like both examples. I think you have replicated the water colour spot on, something which I have never been very good at.

    Top marks

  2. I think the second looks better. I was thinking that lining wallpaper would create a neutral untextured base for the Liquitex. But the kitchen paper seems to do the job. Great work.