Saturday, 20 June 2015

Double Six

Just to clear up another rule query, when you are lucky enough (or your name is Mark) to roll a double six you get a bonus per 6 rolled. Forget about the double with 6's all you need to remember is that for each six rolled you get 1 bonus.

In the above example if you allocated these 6's to a unit of fresh cavalry (D3) and charged you would receive 2 bonus from impetus (fresh cavalry) plus another 2 bonus which could be used to give you an extra 4 inches movement or 2 combat dice. Alternately you could split the bonus and allocate 1 for movement and 1 for combat.

Any other double result (and one which exceeds the discipline of the unit) will proved 1 bonus.

If you are stuffy enough to have 3 dice with the same no allocated you would then receive 2 bonus.

The easy way to remember this is No 6's rolled = bonuses, Other same dice allocations = No of same dice allocated - 1 = bonuses.

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